What's this Nathan guy about?

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Many photographers today say that you have to specialise in a field. To be the best, you have to focus on a particular area and to a point I have to agree with them. Everyone wants to be recognised as a leader in their field. Someone, whom both clients and peers say “that person is the one that I need to do this job, simply because they're the best.”

Well here is the thing… I don’t specialise in in a particular field. I can’t! I like photography way too much to "specialise". The act of making a photo is the very reason I started photography. It doesn’t matter to me what it is I am shooting. I love working with passionate people from all walks of life. Outdoors, Tabletop, Fashion, Interiors, Architecture. If I had to say what kind of photographer I was then I would say I am a Product Photographer. Just about anything in this world is a Product, so thats what I tend to shoot.

Photographers are everywhere today. Digital, Internet and the Smart Phone have a lot to answer for in that respect and while I embrace the digital medium, I can’t help but shake my head at it at the same time.  Anyone can snap a pic that can for the most part look fantastic and i chalk a lot of that up to technology making it easier…. so why hire me?

 I listen to the clients needs, and I step up and deliver. I am sure its not the first time someone has said that. However I’ve been doing this since 1997 and no "digital happy snapper" can compare to someone that has time and experience under their belt. A person gets what they pay for, If you want high quality and uncompromising top level service then lets talk. I don't over charge, I just charge what the right price is and I am up front about it. I deliver a product that makes your product sing. I photograph so that you can sell. I'll work 24 hours a day to deliver what you require and I'll go to the end of the earth if need be.

I don't just cover the stills side of photography either. The boundaries of photography and video are blurred in todays commercial market place and while I certainly don't claim to be able to produce Hollywood Movies, promoting your product through video format is something I am more than capable of delivering. Sound Design, Video Editing and Production is all part of the package.

Lastly, but not least of all is retouching. Post production on photos is a must these days. There is no such thing as an image that isn't retouched... not in the commercial world at least. Colour Correction, Retouching and even Pre Press management are all part of the deal to deliver the best possible result.

So, enough of this garble- look at my work and decide for yourself....