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Dance Eisteddfods and School Concerts

School Concerts are a big event for both kids and parents. Its no surprise that families are always keen to purchase footage from the event. At the very least by having a professional videographer on the premises, it gives justification to stop the "Mobile Phone Salute" which tends to disrupt other patrons watching the concert. All concerts are filmed with multiple cameras ensuring every dancer and all aspects of the stage are covered and nothing is unintentionally missed. Final production of the dance is executed for either online delivery or distribution via DVD.

Having developed an efficient and fluid production method for Eisteddfod video sales, a performers recording of their dance can be in their hands within 3 minutes of completing their performance. All footage is of high quality and a very clear representation of their performance.

Due to Child protection laws, footage is not displayed here on this site. Having said that we have been filming Dance School and Eisteddfod performances for a number of years and if you are interested in using us to produce videos of your schools next performance please get in touch. Examples of our work can be viewed on request.